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Invisalign Outcome Simulator

The Invisalign Outcome Simulator is a new chairside application, powered by the iTero or iOC scanner, designed to drive greater patient acceptance by helping patients visualize how their teeth may look at the end of Invisalign treatment.

Using a full arch Invisalign scan, the easy-to-use Invisalign Outcome Simulator takes a few minutes to run and may be viewed chairside, on the scanner, or from a computer using

The unique dual view layout shows the patient’s current dentition next to their simulated final position – a powerful new perspective for patients as they consider Invisalign treatment – while intuitive tools allow the doctor to make real-time adjustments to individual teeth.

Simulated outcomes make it easy to show patients the benefits of Invisalign treatment. Show your patient their potential Invisalign outcome during orthodontic consultations with this new chair-side application.

View the Quick Reference Guide (PDF)
This useful guide provides a comprehensive review of the Invisalign Outcome Simulator including key features and functionality.

Download the Brochure (PDF)
A high-level overview of the application

How do I get the Invisalign Outcome Simulator?

The simulator will be automatically installed on qualified doctors’ scanners beginning in December 2012; you will be notified by email when the application will be installed.

A doctor is eligible for this FREE application if:

  • Doctor is an Invisalign provider
  • Doctor has an iTero or iOC scanner
  • Doctor has upgraded to the 4.5 scanner platform

How can I get more information about iTero or iOC scanners?
Have a representative contact you about the iTero or iOC scanner